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Welcome to Katie's Roadside Rescue!
PO Box 761082 San Antonio, TX 78245

Please note that KRR is not a facility. We recieve a lot of emails asking for a location to visit the dogs. All adoptable dogs are in personal homes so a time needs to be arranged to meet with them. The first step in the adoption process is to fill out the application under Forms/Applications at the top under Website Features.  Processing applications takes a lot of time so please only apply if you are serious and willing to wait approximately a week to 10 days. All volunteers work full time jobs as well. 

Once the application is processed a home visit will be conducted (locally) to ensure a safe home for the dog. Meet and greets will be scheduled either during the home visit or at another time so the dog and the adopter can select each other. This process is really pretty simple and easy.

But why the application process with a rescue when you can go to a shelter and go home with a dog the same day? There are several reasons.

  1. Following through with a process like this generally means a lot of thought has been given to adopt a dog and this isn't an impulse adoption. Dogs are a 12-20 year committment.
  2. All of KRR rescue dogs have been abandoned or dumped. This process increases the likelihood that the dog will not be dumped again.
  3. A homevisit isn't invasive. It is KRR's intent to make sure there is a secure fence, proper shelter and a that loving home will be given.
  4. A homevisit is also to meet the entire family to make sure everyone is in agreement. Too often only one or two people want a new pet and the others do not. This doesn't make a happy match for all involved.
  5. The temperament is generally well known of a dog in rescue because they have been in a home with other dogs, cats, kids, people. Do they play ball? Sleep all the time? Bark a lot? Dig? Chew? By chosing a rescue dog many of these unknowns are known before hand.  

When the match is made a contract is signed and the adoption fee of $170 is collected. The contract basically states the dog will be cared for, receive routine medical care, stay on monthly heart worm prevention, and agree if for any reason you are unable to keep the dog, the dog comes back to KRR.  KRR allows a 2 week trial period to ensure a good match.

Thank you for your consideration to adopt from a rescue.

Go here to fill out the application:

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