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Welcome to Katie's Roadside Rescue!
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Animal Success Stories
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This was a courtesy post for an elderly lady that could no longer care for Molly.

Dear Katie,

Happy Holidays! I have attached a picture that perfectly captures the joy in my heart after adopting Molly. She has changed our lives forever and we don’t remember what our lives were like before her.

Thank you again for all your assistance in making this adoption a reality.

Please let her know how much we appreciate her sharing her love of Molly with us. It is one of the most generous gifts that someone can give.


Things are going really well with Molly. It was a bit tough at first because she was hesitant to warm up to Alexander, but by the evening they were two bugs in a rug. She slept on top or next to him in her blanket the entire night. Murray slept on the other side. It was too cute.


My Precious Pearl


After searching for what seemed like forever to find a furry friend, I stumbled upon Katie’s Roadside Rescue thanks to the wonderful world wide web. I always knew I wanted to adopt a rescue animal but for some reason couldn’t bring myself to visit the shelter knowing I’d want to take home every single sad face. Browsing the various adorable faces and descriptions, I was drawn to two of Katie’s rescues and arranged a meeting. My mother and I have always joked how it’s always the animal that picks you, not you that picks the animal but that day our theory proved true. Although I was honestly leaning towards Wednesday because of her name, her size and her spot, Pearl stole my heart that day by walking up to me, gently pushing me down with her side and immediately sitting in my lap. Fast forward to bringing her home, I quickly learned she was a very timid and anxious pup being away from all her brothers, sisters and previous loving family. We have spent hours scratching, playing, walking and loving which has brought this little girl out of her reserved shell. I never realized how much owning a dog could brighten my life and am truly thankful for Katie allowing Pearl to complete my home.


To furever homes with much love and a bark,

Pearl – Chaser of Rabbits, Hoarder of Toys and Bed Stealer of All


Adam is doing great! He is such a lovable sweetheart :)

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